The Tuition Place is dedicated to giving the best individual attention for the advancement of your child’s Maths skills

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Penrith’s Leading Maths Tutor

Maths is unique in that it continually builds on itself. You will have trouble mastering a Maths skill if you haven’t achieved thorough confidence in the essential prerequisite skills and knowledge.

Having your child undertake our Maths tuition will:

  • ensure you have the essential prerequisite skills and knowledge at every stage.
  • for every aspect of your Maths development, take you back to the level where you are comfortable and confident and bring you forward from there, at a pace dictated by your ability and experience.
  • cater for your specific needs, teaching you what you need to know according to methods that work best for you.
  • encourage you to enjoy and appreciate Maths and to take pleasure in the development of your Maths skills.
  • ensure that, at every stage, you are taken through all the steps that ensure that your Maths learning is complete and permanent.

The Tuition Place is dedicated to giving the very best possible individual attention to the advancement of your Maths skills.

Developed over twenty years of experience catering for the needs of the children of the Penrith area, Tuition Place Maths tuition will really work for you.

The Tuition Place is a place where you will thrive!

Ring 4722 3039 now to find out more or to book a no-obligation, free introductory assessment and lesson.

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