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Inspiring tuition for children of all ages and abilities

Why choose The Tuition Place for your child?

One of the leading after school tutoring centre’s in Penrith

Most tuition centres are franchises. The Tuition Place is independent and local. This gives you three important advantages:

  1. Teaching methods and resources are tailored for the children of the Penrith area, not dictated by a franchisor from far away.
  2. If you have special requirements, things can be adapted for you quickly.
  3. The tuition is more affordable, because a big chunk of what you pay doesn’t go straight to a franchisor.

Maths Tutoring

From conducting probability experiments to learning times tables, The Tuition Place maths programme covers the Australian curriculum where students work at their appropriate level and gain motivation and confidence in doing so.

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Literacy Tutoring

Literacy is such an important skill. It involves the ability to read and write confidently and accurately, but also the skills necessary to interpret communications and to use language fluently.

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English Tutoring

The Tuition Place english programme draws on a wide range of imaginative materials. From skills fro secondary students to synthetic phonics, it follows principles which make an ideal learning experience for all students.

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Numeracy Tutoring

The essential skills in regard to numeracy involve confident, accurate, fluent use of the 4 operations addition, subtraction, multiplication & division. Children should be able to use them in different situations, environments & applications.

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Penrith Students Love The Tuition Place

Contact us today to find out how we could help your child reach their full potential in english, maths, reading, writing and spelling


More than just private tuition, our tutoring helps to form great study habits, increase confidence in all aspects of schoolwork, self esteem, whilst helping students reach their true full potential.

Ted and the team are fantastic. My sons reading and confidence has improved greatly since starting tuition there.

Justine Murphy

After school tutoring – let us help your child excel

The Tuition Place will actively involves the parents in their child’s education.

Parents will be provided with jargon free written progress updates about their child.

Included is post lesson homework for the student, your child’s work  being marked and reviewed for corrections , in an effort that they understand the particular task at hand before moving onto new set tasks.

Pens, pencils and all stationary are provided at no cost during lessons.

What We Do:

  • Free personal assessment
  • Tailor made plans for your child
  • Continual improvements of study skills
  • Develop students concentration as well as learning styles
  • Encourage confidence, self reliance and independence
  • Overcome subject specific difficulties
  • Build exam specific skills
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The Tuition Place’s manager, Ted Strahan BSc BA Dip Ed, has 20 years experience providing an excellent standard of tuition to children of the Penrith area.

End of Term 3
This has been the last week of term 3. Thank you to all our students for attending this term. Unless you have informed us otherwise, you are booked in to resume your lessons on the same day and time.
Please note the following:
- The Catch-up Day for missed lessons will be Monday 25 September, 10am to 1pm and 3pm to 7pm. You must book if you want to attend for a catch up lesson.

From everyone here at The Tuition Place we hope you all have a relaxing and enjoyable holiday. We look forward to seeing you again next term!

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RAZ-Kids is one of our fantastic English programs that focuses on students' comprehension. Students are able to select a book of their choice from a range of fabulous fiction and non-fiction texts. They then read along with a voice over, or can tackle the text independently! Their comprehension of the text is then tested by a short quiz.
Student testimonials
Student A: "Its fun, you get to learn all sorts of stuff"
Student B: "the interesting stories are my favourite part"
Students C: " it doesn't really feel like learning"

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